Standing for good neighbourliness’ on United Nations Day

United Nations Association Shropshire stands for the UN. As part of One World Week 23-30 October, we challenge the effectiveness of the mechanisms used by the UN for maintaining peace and security.

Association Chair Noel Beattie insisted "We are agreed that peace and security here, there and everywhere depends crucially upon finding ways of being good neighbours."

Members and Supporters of UNA Shropshire presented a public showing in the Square, Church Stretton on UN Day, October 24th. The event included 7 large flowing UN blue flags representing the 7 decades of the UN, a projected slide show onto a big screen illustrating the human tragedies when good neighbours fail - in Yemen, in Syria, in Myanmar, in Libya and persistently in Israel and Palestine.

The Association Members asked members of the public to say what they thought the UN needed to change and conducted a ballot in which 70% of participants agreed that the UN was not as effective (as it should be) in maintaining peace and security in our World.

Other displays included a large jug of filthy water with the caption "Would you let your child drink this water?"; and, pledge cards and wrist bands by which participants could say "I stand for .........."

Commenting on the success of the event Chair Noel Beattie said: -

"We are more than disturbed, we are incensed by the carnage of the innocent that persists in our world. We shall continue to challenge the UN through UNA-UK to examine what needs to change in order that we the people achieve the sort of global peace and security most people in Britain enjoy."