Smiling Children


Since the 2010 earthquake UNA Shropshire, through PAZAPA Church Stretton, has provided several thousand sterling per year towards the reconstruction and refurbishment of the school and clinic.

PAZAPA Church Stretton works through the SILOE Trust, an NGO based in California. Copies of their accounts are received and the funding is transparent.

Due significantly to this support the school is up and running with over 150 children and a full complement of staff. Newly reconstructed and refurbished are two therapy rooms, a nursing station, and classrooms for special education, all built to world class hurricane and earthquake standards. Included are a multi- media room for the hearing impaired, a family projects room for small business development, a teachers’ room, and an administration office, all of which are fully functional.

On-going efforts are focused on outreach activities. There is still much work to be done.

With the continuing support of PAZAPA Church Stretton, the students and staff are now working in a professional and stimulating environment.


If you feel you can support us,

  • £30 will provide transportation for home visits for severely disabled children for one month.
  • £60 will provide educational materials for 160 children for one month.
  • £85 will pay for tuition for eleven mainstream students for one month.
  • £125 will provide meals for developmentally impaired students in the school for one month.
  • £150 will pay for full treatment to cure club feet.
  • £200 will cover the salary of a staff nurse for one month.